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The Emerging Opportunities In Rapid Strategies For Bed Cover

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Indonesia's highest Islamic clerical council declared Valentine's Day forbidden by Islamic law in 2012, saying it was contradictory to Muslim culture and teachings. But the vast majority of Indonesia's more than 220 million Muslims follow a moderate form of Islam in a country with sizeable Christian and Hindu minorities. Indonesia is a secular country whose state ideology enshrines religious diversity. In Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, and other parts of the country, Valentine's Day has grown in popularity with companies, like national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia, looking to cash in by offering special discounts and promotions. In Pakistan, an Islamic republic, a court banned public Valentine's Day celebrations in its capital. The Islamabad High Court also ordered the media to "ensure that nothing about the celebration of Valentine's Day and its promotion is spread". That hurt some businesses in the city of 2 million people. "I've sold at least 50 percent less flowers today than in past years. People just haven't come out to buy them," said Haider Ali, who works at the F7 flower market in Islamabad. PROMOTING LOVE In other Asian countries, authorities took the opposite position on Valentine's Day, imposing preemptive measures to protect festivities and even encouraging sex. Thailand's government, concerned with its falling birth rate, handed out vitamins to married couples to try to encourage them to have children.

MAPES, The Seattle Times | on February 10, 2017 Photo: Steve Ringman, AP Close Image 1 of 6 ADVANCE FOR THE WEEKEND OF FEB. 11-12 AND THEREAFTER - In a Dec. 28, 2016 photo, Lummi tribal member Lonnie "Lumpy" James shows off a handful of Manila clams just raked from the sand in Bellingham, Wash. For more than two years now, Lummi Nation has been unable to reliably open its prime clam beds on its reservation for harvest because of bacterial pollution in Portage Bay near Bellingham. Now in an unusual leap of faith, tribal leaders and seven family dairy-farm operators in Whatcom County are launching a collaborative effort to clean up the bay. (Steve Ringman/The Seattle Times via AP) less ADVANCE FOR THE WEEKEND OF FEB. 11-12 AND THEREAFTER - In a Dec. 28, 2016 photo, Lummi tribal member Lonnie "Lumpy" James shows off a handful of Manila clams just raked from the sand in Bellingham, Wash. For ... more Photo: Steve Ringman, AP Image 2 of 6 ADVANCE FOR THE WEEKEND OF FEB.

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