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Of the crib advertisements reviewed in the study, every ad featuring a child who was not white showed the baby in an unsafe sleeping environment, the researchers said. We could never find a nonwhite baby shown in a safe sleep environment , Troxler said. We were pretty shocked. SIDS occurs much more often in black infants, with about 172 cases per 100,000 babies compared with 84 cases per 100,000 for white infants, Troxler said. The researchers also reviewed physical and online crib displays at a variety of big-box chains, infant-specific retailers, warehouse clubs, furniture stores and department stores. Overall, 51 percent of the crib displays reflected the safe sleeping guidelines, researchers found. Its likely parents are taking the wrong lessons from this marketing, and setting up cribs in ways that could endanger their babies, said Dr. Ian Holzman, who was not involved with the study. Holzman is a professor of pediatrics with the division of newborn medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. He said he was quite surprised by the racial disparity found in the ads. Id like to think thats not purposeful. That was an eye opener for me, Holzman said.

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Boober said Carroll never explicitly asked for nude photos from the student who testified. Toward the end of Boobers testimony, he said I have several ongoing investigations against Carroll due to several people coming forward with allegations. During questioning, it was mentioned the sender identified himself as Carrol, with one L while the defendants name is Caroll. Mills asserted that the defendant would be unlikely to spell his own name wrong. However, Bailey had Boober acknowledge that due to Carrolls previous experience in law enforcement, its a possibility he couldve misspelled his own name to deceive investigators. The hearing lasted over two hours but at the end, Magistrate Snow determined there was enough evidence to send the case to the grand jury. He said there was sufficient probable cause to continue the investigation. After the hearing, Mills said his client is happy to be home, his mental health is improving and he hopes to live up to the promises made to the court. As his counsel, Mills said we feel like this hearing was a full and fair preliminary hearing, as it served the purpose theyre designed to serve, and illuminated some of the facts and inconsistencies in the hearing.

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